Monastery of Arkadi

Visit the historical monastery of Arkadi. The first form of the monastery, it speculated that was built either during the period 961 with 1014, or at the first years of the venetian period. The monastery of Arkadi, is situated at the municipality of Rethymnon, one of the most historical places of Crete, which accepts mostly during the period of summer thousands of visitors .The monastery of Arkadi fought against the Turkish, raides the demand of the cretan liberty and stirred up the emotions of Europe for Greece. UNESCO has characterized Arkadi, as a European Monument of Liberty. Then, visit Margarites of Rethymnon, by discovering the art of clay but also the scenic landscapes of the village. At the end, visit the beautiful town of Rethymnon, discover the scenic landscapes of Rethymnon, enjoy the flavors of the food as well as the hospitality of the people of Rethymnon.